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The Cakey-Click Adventure

A cake emoji

In the town of Webby-Wonder, where the pixels glow bright,

Lived a young coder named Lucy, who worked day and night.

She designed websites with flair, with colors so bold,

But she felt something missing, a story untold.

One evening, while sipping her lavender tea,

An idea struck Lucy, as bright as can be.

"Why use boring old slashes and dots in a row,

When a cake emoji would make the URL glow?"

So she coded and clicked, till her fingers were sore,

And replaced the ".com" with a cake, and some more.

The cake was so cute, with its icing so neat,

A cherry on top, oh, it looked oh-so-sweet!

The next day, her website, to Lucy's delight,

Was the talk of Webby-Wonder, a marvelous sight!

Users giggled and grinned, as they typed in the cake,

For a URL like that, was a piece of cake!

Even grumpy old Mr. Typo, who frowned all day,

Couldn't help but smile, and had something nice to say.

"It's whimsical, it's funny, it's cute as can be,

Your cakey-click URL is a hit, Lucy!"

Businesses lined up, from bakeries to zoos,

Wanting cakey URLs, and other emojis too.

There were pizzas for pizzerias, and shoes for the mall,

Lucy's idea was loved, admired by all.

Now, in the town of Webby-Wonder, if you take a stroll,

You'll find URLs with emojis, from pole to pole.

And at the heart of this trend, with joy that won't cease,

Is Lucy, and her whimsical piece of URL piece.

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